Laurent Amann
Laurent Amann

Training, coaching & healing with animal whisperer Laurent Amann


Experience Laurent Amann’s private sessions now. Connect with animals’ feelings and spirit. Laurent can assist you via Skype, thus being able to help you no matter where you live. Or work with Laurent at your homes place if you wish. Be ready to discover Laurent Amann’s fascinating vision of the animal world. See your own pet as your personal life coach and bring more health, peace and love into your life.

Healing sessions



Balancing your pet's or your own aura and chakra system. Removing the energetic causes of illnesses and behaviour problems.


1/2 hour session for 65,- EUR




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Healing for animal and owner


Understanding illnesses from a holistic point of view. Letting healing occur, on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


1.5 hours personal session via Skype or phone for 180,- EUR



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Training sessions

Animal communication

Improve the communication between you and your animal


Understand what your animals has always wanted to tell you, what he feels and thinks and why he is behaving in a certain way. Also learn to communicate clearly with your animal, using your voice, body language, feelings and thoughts appropriately.




Dive into the emotional and mental world of your animal in order to understand him better. Improve your own communication skills and you will soon experience a much easier and more fulfilled life together with your animal.



Find all the details about the intuitive animal communication session in the following information sheet
personal training - animal communication[...]
PDF-Dokument [406.4 KB]

price: EUR 180,-

Animal soul contract

Connect with your animal's soul and understand his purpose


Understand why your animal came into your life, why he induces these strong feelings in you, why he is bringing you into situations you don’t feel at ease with, why he is confronting you with illnesses that make you lose faith and hope, and help you through difficult times.




Find out what your animal’s purpose is in relation to you and also his own purpose. Help him fulfil his purpose as you begin to see that all he does is helping you fulfil yours.



Find all the details about the animal soul contract session in the following information sheet
personal training - animal soul contract[...]
PDF-Dokument [531.8 KB]

price: EUR 180,-

Leadership from within


Awake your own natural leadership skills. Learn to offer your pet the security, empathy, serenity and guidance he needs. Train him with love and understanding instead of violence, pressure and submission.


1,5 hours personal session via Skype or phone for 180,- EUR



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jetzt im Handel erhältlich

"Die geheime Seele meines Hundes - und was das Verhalten meines Hundes über meine Persönlichkeit aussagt"

NEU !!! SOUL Coaching


Gemeinsam mit dem Glückscoach sowie Mental Trainer Asim Aliloski öffne ich dir in diesem sehr persönlichen und exklusiven „SOUL Coaching" die Tür in die faszinierende Welt der Selbsterfahrung und Wohlbefinden für Körper, Geist und Seele.


Persönliche Betreuungen



  • Aura-Fernheilung
  • Heilung für Tier & Mensch



  • allgemein
  • Schwerpunkt Seelenvertrag
  • Schwerpunkt Verhaltensprobleme



  • Führung
  • Welpen/Junghunde


  • Tierkommunikation
  • Seelenvertrag
  • Tierkommunikation Praxisfälle

Fortbildung & Mentoring

Das persönliche Ausbildungs-programm mit Laurent Amann

Vertiefe deine Fähigkeiten in Tierkommunikation, Verhaltensbiologie und Tierspiritualität. Arbeite mit der Methode von Tierflüsterer Laurent Amann und eigne dir modernes Wissen an aus Tierbiologie, Tierpädagogik, Tierpsychologie und Tierenergetik.

Tierflüsterer Laurent Amann gemeinsam im Interview mit Elisabeth Gürtler

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