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New book: The Animal Sou​l - The Purpose of Animal Kingdom on Earth

by Laurent Amann, foreword by Dr. Steven Farmer


What is the mission of animals on earth? Do animals pursue a purpose and fulfilment? What do pets, farm and wild animals wish to experience and share with us humans? And how can we use the wisdom of an animal's soul for our spiritual development?
I have explored these questions and more in my new book "The Animal Soul", combining fascinating facts from science, religion and spirituality. Animals are powerful beings who have come to earth on a very special mission. Each one of them not only preserves our massive ecosystem, but also serves a higher purpose that plays a central part in the spiritual evolution of humanity.
Once we understand the deeper meaning of the presence of animals on earth, we will be able to engage with them in a more authentic way and, at the same time, come closer to the purest essence of ourselves.
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