Personal mentoring program and advanced training

Strengthen your skills in intuitive animal communication, behavioral biology, animal spiritualty and energetic healing. Use Laurent Amann’s holistic healing method and learn all you need to know about animal biology and psychology, the different ways to communicate with animals, the right training methods to use, how to educate an animal and how to understand his spiritual life.
In his individual advanced training programs, Laurent helps you develop your very own talents and skills in your work with animals. You will immediately be able to apply all you learn and experience to your clients, pet owners, team and of course, directly to the animals you want to help.
During your whole mentoring program, Laurent Amann guides and supports you as an individual coach, supervisor, mentor and trainer.


Topics & modules
The following topics and modules can be integrated into your personal mentoring program:

Up-to-date behavioral biology and animal psychology
Discover the social behavior of animals and the social dynamics that prevail among animals and between animals and humans. Understand everything about animals’ learning abilities, how to educate them and how to work on unwanted or even dangerous behavior. All the applied training methods are, of course, free of violence, mental pressure and obsessive submission and they respect the pet and the owner's own personalities.



Animal communication and spirituality
Communicate with animals on a physical, mental and emotional level and learn simple techniques and methods that allow you to understand the complex language of the animal, too. Understand the different ways animals have to reflect our own mindset and how to deal with this precious information. Animals are constantly sending us messages and healing energy. As soon as you are ready to receive them, your life will change for the better. Also, understand the soul contracts between animals and humans and learn more about the spiritual messages behind them, which is a life lesson for you and your pet.



Energetic healing and shamanism
Every disease is a symbol of conflict and trauma in the mind and psyche. Learn to interpret the symptoms and symbols of a disease efficiently and correctly and to use them to activate the self-healing powers of yourself, the pet owner and the affected animal. Explore the healing powers of Bach flowers, colors, herbs, essential oils and immerse yourself in spiritual healing techniques such as trance healing and power animal medicine, a beautiful shamanic baggage everyone of us inherited.





Who is the mentoring program designed for?

The mentoring program is specially designed for animal trainers, animal caretakers, animal caretakers, animal behavior consultants, animal communicators, animal sitters and animal breeders, as well as energetic and shamanic healers, veterinarians and animal physiotherapists. But also for pet owners who want to start in these professions and are in search of a holistic learning approach combining animal spirituality, animal healing, animal behavior biology and animal communication.




The educational and mentoring program with animal whisperer Laurent Amann includes:


  • Personal supervision from Laurent Amann as your personal coach, supervisor and mentor over a 12-week period
  • 10 intensive mentoring sessions with animal whisperer Laurent Amann each lasting up to 2 hours via Zoom*
  • E-mail support during the supervision period with an evaluation and analysis of your progress
  • Personal exercises and techniques to deepen and integrate the learned content
  • Written reflection work based on a practical case study with one's own animals or a pet of Laurent Amann’s clients
  • Detailed documentation of the learning content and topics of your personal education and mentoring program with animal whisperer Laurent Amann

Price: starting from EUR 2.900,-




If you are interested in a mentoring program, write us an email at

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