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Hello and welcome in my world! My name is Laurent Amann. I am an animal behaviorist and animal trainer, specialized in intuitive animal communication and soul work, and also a practitioner in energetic and shamanic healing.
My mission is to help people get closer to their animal’s feelings and soul. And this sometimes takes courage. Because animals are a reflection of ourselves. If you look closely at an animal, you will recognize yourself in it - thus healing yourself.



"I dream of a world in which man lives again in harmony with animals and nature."
How do animals perceive the world around them? Do they have feelings like we do? Do they have a soul that wants to express itself and grow? Do animals come to earth with a specific mission? How can we live in harmony with them? What do animals expect from us? Could there be a link between their behavioral problems or illnesses and our own behavior? Do encounters with wild animals happen at random, or do they have a special meaning? And how do animals help us in our personal development and boost our spiritual growth?
These are questions I have grappled with for more than two decades. To find answers, I first followed the scientific path, among others, the science of animal behavior (animal cognition). But science has its limits. Anything that goes beyond its scope or cannot be measured with current instruments is considered non-existent. This is why no one is interested in the feelings or the spiritual part of animals. So I had to find another way.
I simply observed animals in their natural environment. For a dog, a cat or a horse, this natural environment also includes us humans. The interaction between humans and animals (pets but also other animals) is fascinating. And finally, it is not so difficult to understand. Observing my own interaction with my animals helped me understand what is going on…

What animals taught me…


As a child, my highly sensitive and calm nature wasn’t welcomed by my classmates. I felt misunderstood and rejected. As a result, I soon turned away from the human world and fled into the animal kingdom. The animals appreciated my fine feelings and offered a deep connection. They enveloped me with their unconditional love. I finally felt totally accepted and cherished for who I was.
Animals helped me strengthen my personality and grow from within. My horse showed me how to stand for my ideas and let nothing block my own path. My first dog helped me overcome severe eating disorders and depression. He showed me how to appreciate life and don't allow darkness to overcome me. From my parrot, I learned to let go. And birds still keep reminding me how important it is for me to live freely and follow my own path.
Whoever dares to open up to the emotional and spiritual world of animals will recognize himself in them. Deep within us, what we truly want is to experience healing and love. I realized that animals can lead us there by showing us who we really are, deep inside.

What motivates me to do my job…

Many animals living with or near us humans, are not doing so well: 
  • Pets show more and more behavioral problems and "human" diseases. Often because their owner is stressed.
  • Farm animals are exploited as objects without any regard for their welfare and their individuality or personality.
  • Many wild animals feel humiliated, oppressed and even persecuted by humans.
  • In general, animals are misunderstood and therefore abused, hunted, tortured and abandoned.
And unfortunately, this is still common in our “modern” world. As humans, we still have a long way ahead of us. But I know we can do it!



What can I do for you and your pet?

With me, you will learn to understand the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of your animals. You will be able to express yourself clearly, using your innate empathy and intuition and also understand how your pet sees the world, using those same communication channels. You will see the difficulties encountered with your animal with a different eye: an opportunity for you to grow.
I am also here to support you and your animal in healing emotional and spiritual wounds. You will understand the deep meaning of your encounter, your respective mission on earth and the soul contract binding you together.
In one sentence: I accompany you both on your path of personal and spiritual development, with all the necessary steps and on different levels, from basic animal training and education to spiritual soul work and emotional healing. I absolutely love that and want to share this fascination with you.
My work is scientific, energetic and spiritual. I help you where you need it, with methods that speak to you and your pet. We want to grow together and have fun doing so :)

Laurent Amann is an animal behaviorist, a specialist in intuitive animal communication, a trainer and educator of horses and dogs, and a practitioner in energy and shamanic healing. He offers private sessions and personal teachings as well as group training in these topics.



Based on the French Riviera and in Luxembourg - Home & virtual training




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