Author, behaviourist, animal trainer, animal psychic and shamanic healer


Laurent’s work is a holistic approach combining modern animal biology, ethology, intuitive animal communication, coaching, ethical consciousness, alternative healing methods and shamanic spirituality. Laurent’s mission is to generate new awareness on the emotions and spirit of animals. He advises pet owners as well as companies, organisations and institutions working with animals.



What motivates me to do my job…


I see how miserable a lot of animals live. But at the same time, I know how beautiful and easy life can be for an animal.

I too often notice how superficial, dull and heartless the relationship between animal and owner is. But I know how fulfilling, meaningful and healing this animal-human relationship can be.

Knowing this gives me incredible power and motivation for my work as animal whisperer and healer.



What can I do for you?


  • I’ll help you understand your animal and its individual needs; on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • I’ll help you improve the communication with animals, both mentally and intuitively.
  • I’ll help you bond with your pet and build a harmonious relationship.
  • I’ll help both of you heal, transform and grow.
  • You’ll understand your animal’s soul purpose as well as our own.
  • You’ll learn to appreciate the deeper meaning of your encounter.
  • You’ll heal spiritually - your animal too.
  • Peace, love and harmony will finally find its way into your relationship.




What animals taught me…

As a child, my highly sensitive and calm nature wasn’t welcomed by my classmates. I felt misunderstood and separated. As a result, I soon turned away from the human world and fled into the animal kingdom. The animals appreciated my fine feelings and offered my deep connection. They enveloped me with their unconditional love. I finally felt totally accepted and cherished for what I was.
Animals helped me strengthen my personality and grow from within. My horse showed me how to stand for my ideas and let nothing block my own path. My dog helped me overcome severe eating disorders and depression. He showed me how to appreciate life and don't allow darkness overcome me. From my parrot I learned to let go. And birds still keep reminding me how important it is for me to live freely and follow my own path.


Animals are on a mission…


Anyone who digs into the emotional and spiritual world of an animal will find his own reflection in that animal. Deep down, the only thing every single person wants to experience is healing, growth and love. I have experienced that animals lead us through transformation and it is my job to help you on that fascinating journey back to your natural self.

I have been using the healing power of animals, nature and plants to bring you and your pet back to balance. The result is deep peace within, a feeling of connection and an overall improved quality of life. You learn to understand your pet, bond with him and grow together with him in a healthy and pleasant way.


Animals have a soul that wants to support you

Each animal you encounter wants to help you have a better life. All you have to do is allow the connection and let the animal guide you.

Animals have accurate messages for you

If you don’t understand your pet’s message right away, it will challenge you with aninconvenient behaviour or an illness to get your attention.

Animals reflect who you are in the inside

Animals can act like mirrors, reflecting your inner world, bringing repressed feelings up to the surface and confronting you with your bright side as well as with your dark one so that you feel complete.


Your pet’s aim is to help you grow. He wants you to live a happy and healthy life. There is a lot for us to learn from animals, mainly to understand ourselves better and bring the best of us to the surface. Your pet will trigger the part of you that is holding you back from your greatest potentials. Because animals love you!

All you need to do is allow it to happen and listen carefully to what your pet whispers to you. Let him do his job, do what he asks you to do and you will find the healing you have been longing for.



About Laurent Amann

Laurent Amann is the author of the bestseller „Mein Hund hat eine Seele“ (eng. My dog has a soul) and “Erkenne dich selbst in deinem Hund” (eng. Get to know yourself with your dog), behaviourist, animal trainer, psychic and communicator as well as shamanic practitioner. He is publicly known as the “Animal Whisperer”.


Laurent Amann teaches animal owners how to educate their pet with love and respect and raises new consciousness about animals’ emotions and spirits. Furthermore, he illustrates each animal’s purpose and explains what messages animals have for humans and how they encourage us to live happier and healthier lives.


He also supports and advises farmers, animal rescue centres, nature preserves and zoo operators as well as other institutional leaders focused on improving the quality of animals’ lives. He helps them analyse animals’ physical, mental, and spiritual needs in order to provide them the best possible living conditions.


Laurent Amann is French and grew up in Luxembourg. He studied animal behaviour in Luxembourg and France and worked for several years as a scientific researcher at the University of Vienna. He is the author of more than 30 published articles, has had his own television reports on ORF, and RTL Luxembourg, and is widely featured in press and media.




Laurent Amann is a behavioural biologist, animal trainer, animal communicator and psychic, energetic and shamanic practitioner and author, offering personal support and education programs related to these topics.



Based at the French Riviera & Luxembourg - Home & virtual training



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