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Ignite the spirit in your horses - Holistic horse husbandry and leadership training



Let me show you the essence of a horse and what it means to be a horse. I will help you to comprehend how a horse sees the world and deeply understand your horse like never before. 

To the average person, a horse is simply a big and beautiful animal. For animal lovers, it represents freedom and power. An animal behaviourist focuses on the prey animal and how being hunted affects the horse's behaviour. An ecologist is interested in how a horse can adapt to so many different climates. A neurobiologist explains a horse's behaviour based on the structure of its brain. 


The goal of a horse trainer is to teach the horse to obey us and work. A therapist uses the horse as a reflection of his client’s inner beliefs. A healer goes one step further and helps his client heal deep emotional and spiritual wounds simply by being in the presence of a horse. A religious person, especially a Muslim, will always remember horses as being gifted by God. A spiritual person wants to connect with the soul of the horse and let it take him on a journey into another sphere.


I, as an animal whisperer and healer, combine all of these aspects and would love to take you on a journey into the fascinating and mystical world of horses.





My vision of horse


What we truly seek in horses is to feel aligned with their spirit.
I have been around horses for as long as I can remember. As a young teenager, I spent countless hours riding, grooming, and simply being in the presence of horses. At age 15, a powerful mare came into my life who had been abused by her owner when she was young. The former horse owner had decided to give this horse to the butcher because it was not tameable. Somehow, I persuaded my parents to save this aggressive horse and hand it into my hands. A life-changing adventure started for me from then on. 
This is how my journey with horses started. And I got desperate in the beginning…
All I had learned so far was how to ride a horse, but not how to connect to him. The riding was fine, and the horse was “functioning”, but the heart-to-heart connection was hard to find. My horse didn’t accept me as a leader. I had to work on that, but no traditional training method was giving me the results I hoped for. It simply didn’t work with this particular horse, so I had to find my own intuitive approach to connect to her. Horsemanship was not common at that time. The movie “The Horsewhisperer” came out that very year. I really had no one to look up to but my horse itself. She taught me how to help her heal, and this healed me too. 
Presence leads to trust.
One key element that works magic with all the horses I train is being present and mindful. Simply contemplating the horse without expectations, without judgment, without getting lost in his past, without getting lost in my own emotions. Basically, allowing the horse to be as he is right now. Allowing him to express himself, to share his life, worries, and wounds with me, but also his uniqueness, sensitivity, and power. This is how you build trust with a horse and, at the same time, help him heal wounds from the past. You are in the present moment; you listen, you love, and you allow everything to be. This is where the bonding between horse and human emerges. This is where magic happens! 
The healing spirit of horses.
Over the years, I have realized that there is something truly special and spiritual about the bond between humans and horses. There is something about being with horses that feels deeply meaningful and enriching. There is a reason why, in indigenous cultures and nomadic tribes, horses were seen as sacred animals with special powers. They were believed to be a gift from God, helping us with physical tasks and carrying us through the heavens and other realms. As a result, people used to seek guidance and direction through horses’ wisdom, creating a deep bond rooted in mutual appreciation. Your soul remembers this deep connection with the spirit of horses. It yearns for it. You yearn for it. Your horse yearns for it. It is said that a horse is complete once it has found “his” human. The human who will bring the best out of this horse. And, in return, this very horse will bring the best out of his human. Your horse will help you heal and find your true nature and spirit. 
But all the magic has disappeared… 
Unfortunately, all this horse magic has disappeared in our modern culture. I am disheartened by the lack of our understanding of horses. Nowadays, most horses have to function according to some man-made rules that are truly against the essence and nature of a horse. They are kept in small stables, alone. They are given food that slowly kills them. They have to work and perform every day. Or they simply vegetate on a muddy pasture. If the owner comes to visit, and even if he loves his horse very much, the best the horse can expect is a carrot and a little cuddle. What about the horse’s spirit? Where did the longing for freedom, nobleness, and power go? How did we lose the spiritual connection to our horse, the very base of our yearning for these majestic animals? Did we forget why they were sent to us?

My Vision of Holistic Horsemanship


I trust that one day we will run with horses as if we were one again. We will communicate our feelings with each other, and dialogue will be our relationship default. Spending time together and travelling the spiritual dimensions will be enough. Yet we will take great joy in the miracle of physical accomplishments as one, too. Horses will invite us to sit upon them, and we will experience a unified movement that can only happen within the medium of utter willingness. This isn’t an illusion. It isn’t anything new. It is simply remembering the past, when the Creator sent us the horse.
Horse training can be deeply spiritual, requiring a strong connection and understanding of the horse’s energy and soul. Horses are highly intuitive; they can sense the emotions and energy of those around them. When we approach horses with an open heart and mind, they can sense our intentions and become the best version of themselves, physically and spiritually. The results will be noticeable not only in competitions and in the success of your breeding but also in your everyday encounters with your horse.
My holistic approach to horses is different from the modern so-called “natural” horsemanship, which still breaks the spirit of a horse. What I will teach you is to connect to your horse’s nature and spirit and empower it! Through training. Through mindfulness. Through healing. It makes the impossible possible; it ignites the power of a horse’s soul. Healing will be experienced by both the horse and the human.



How I can help you and your horses


When we are around horses, they help us to let go of distractions and fully engage with the present moment. This can be a powerful practice for cultivating mindfulness and presence. Horses can also teach us about the power of nonverbal and telepathic communication. They are experts at reading and responding to nonverbal cues. Horses will show you the pain and wounds you have been carrying for too long. In the presence of a horse, they may show up to heal forever. Your horse is here to heal you, to connect you with your true nature, your wild nature, and your spiritual nature, and to experience it in all realms, even here on earth.



For breeders

If you are a breeder, you will intuitively find the right horses to mate instead of relying only on the unpredictability of genetics. You will find the perfect food, the right staff, put the right group of mares together, and give the foals the best start in life. This will allow your breeding business to succeed even more in preserving and perpetuating the breed.


For sport riders

Sport riders will be able to feel what their horse needs and wants from them in order to perform in the right way. At the same time, you will be considering his personality, desires, and habits even deeper in a way that will create a deeper bond of trust between you and your horse. Your cooperation will be based on harmony and mutual respect. This is how you will reach the stars – together

For show horses

At breeding presentation shows, you will display the uniqueness and divine spark of your horse. People are tired of seeing horses being chased and presented like cars. They want to see and experience the essence and spirit of the horse. They want to see the inner and outer beauty of your horse. They want to feel his presence. Your horse will attract all eyes through the energy that is emanating from him.

For all horse owners and leisure riders

You will better understand your horse’s natural needs, avoiding unnecessary conflict. This leads to fewer injuries and stress and instead to more harmony between you and your horse, which then leads to greater trust and deeper bonding between you. You will fully enjoy your horse’s presence and your horse will fully enjoy yours. You will travel the worlds together.





Download the entire brochure about Laurent Amann's horsemanship here:


Download the entire brochure about Laurent Amann's intuitive horsemanship program here
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Are you interested in embarking on a spiritual journey with your horse?


My horse from my teenage years transformed into a joyful, tameable, determined, and vivid being. Till the end, at 33 years old, people were fascinated by her presence and celestial beauty. Everywhere I went with my horse, all eyes were on us. It wasn’t her physical constitution, nor mine, but the connection we had and our radiance when we were together. So can your horse!
Intuitive Horse Leadership Training is a minimum 6-month commitment that can be extended to a year or longer in order to achieve the best results for you and your horse.
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