Private sessions with animal whisperer & shamanic practitioner Laurent Amann

Intuitive animal communication, bonding with your pet and healing work


Experience Laurent Amann’s private sessions now. Connect with animals’ feelings and spirit. Laurent can assist you via Zoom (online conference), thus being able to help you no matter where you live. Or work with Laurent at your home if you wish. Be ready to discover Laurent Amann’s fascinating vision of the animal world. See your own pet as your personal life coach and bring more health, peace and love into your life.



In private sessions, I help you strengthen your very own leadership skills, fundamentally change the way you communicate with animals, activate your animal’s and your own self-healing forces and understand the world your animal lives in, his purpose on earth, the reason why he entered your life and what his needs and wishes are.


You will significantly improve your own quality of life and that of your pet. Gain inner peace and confidence to tackle diseases and behavioral problems holistically and softly. Begin to see your pet as your personal life coach and learn from him about life and its pleasures.


My work combines modern behavioral biology, animal psychology, shamanism, alternative medicine, spirituality, intuitive animal communication and animal training.



It is my great pleasure to support you and your pet in living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.







Personal trainings and private sessions with Laurent Amann:

Bonding with your pet

Living with an animal is not simply feeding him, taking him out and petting him. An animal wants and needs more.


Understand your animal's personnality, strengthen the bond with him and find deep respect and trust in your relationship. Help him be the best version of himself and have the best possible life!

Shamanic healing & spiritual growth

Energetic and shamanic healing methods help you find your core vibration and balance again. Traumatic experiences can be healed, lost soul parts are invited to come back, invasive energies are sent away,... This is how self-healing happens and the soul can express itself freely again, as intended.


Suitable for animals and humans.

Intuitive animal communication

Understand what your animal wants to tell you with his behavior, what he likes and dislikes and how he sees the world around him, you included.


Also, understand why he came into your life, why he is confronting you with all those challenges, what you can learn from him and what he wants to learn from you. In short, get to know the beautiful soul contracting between you and your pet.

Laurent Amann is currently based on the French Riviera and in Luxembourg.
Sessions are possible on-site and via Zoom.

Please note the following:
The healing session with Laurent Amann is not a substitute for medical or psychological support. The contents are the learning of (telepathic) communication techniques and mental techniques for energetic and mental self-influencing. Laurent Amann takes no responsibility for the success of the training or recovery of the client or his animal.

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