Laurent Amann’s training and healing methods as animal whisperer and healer

Laurent’s work is a holistic approach combining modern animal biology, ethology, intuitive animal communication, coaching, ethical consciousness, alternative healing methods and shamanic spirituality. Laurent’s mission is to generate new awareness on the emotions and spirit of animals. He advises pet owners as well as companies, organisations and institutions working with animals.



What can animal whisperer Laurent Amann do for you?


  • He will help you understand your animal and its individual needs; on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • He will help you improve the communication with animals, both mentally and intuitively.
  • He will help you bond with your pet and build a harmonious relationship.
  • He will help both of you heal, transform and grow.
  • You will understand your animal’s soul purpose as well as our own.
  • You will learn to appreciate the deeper meaning of your encounter.
  • You will heal spiritually - your animal too.
  • Peace, love and harmony will finally find its way into your relationship.



What is unique about your work as animal whisperer?

My passion and mission is to raise new consciousness about animals’ emotions and spirits. At the same time, I help you understand and bond with your pet, develop your own healing powers and lead you through your very own path of personal development.


My work is a holistic approach combining modern animal biology, ethology, intuitive communication, coaching, ethics, alternative healing methods and shamanic spirituality.


This makes my work very different from the usual animal training, animal communication sessions and healing work.


  • I am a behavioural biologist and in addition to animal training I also use animal communication, animal psychology and shamanic spirituality in my work with people and animals.
  • I love animals and people, thus wanting to help both of them! I am very sensitive with my clients, laughing and crying with them and also very receptive to the animals’ state of mind, feeling with them.
  • In order to find new ways of healing, I use a scientific approach as well as mystical knowledge. This guarantees an individual problem solving, which totally adjusts to what you and your pet need right now.
  • I can help you with behavioural problems of your animal and other problems you encounter. But also, in the developing your own psychic skills and acquire knowledge in animal communication, energetic and shamanic work and ethology (animal psychology).

What you get is a deep peace within, a feeling of connection and an overall improved quality of life. You learn to understand your pet, bond with him and grow together with him in a healthy and pleasant way. You and your pet start to fulfil your purpose and grow towards your greatest potential.




How can you help me and my animals?


I can offer you my support for the following issues:

  • Fulfilment of the needs and wishes of your animal
  • Education and leadership free from punishment, oppression and physical dominance
  • Animal communication focusing on feelings, thoughts and soul messages
  • Alternative healing methods for animals and humans
  • Spiritual soul contract between animal and owner

My aim is to lead you and your animal to a happier, healthier and fulfilled life.


Together we find answers and solutions to the following problems and more:

  • What does my animal need to be happy and healthy?
  • How can I offer my pet the support and security it needs? How can I strengthen my own leadership skills?
  • What does my animal want to tell me? How does it perceive me? How can I fulfil his personal wishes and needs?
  • Why does my pet confront me with illnesses, behaviour disorders or death? What message does he want me to get? How can I help him heal?
  • What is my pet’s purpose of life? Why did he come to me, in my life?
  • What is the soul? How can I communicate with my own soul and the soul of my animal?
  • What can I learn from my animal? What does he want to teach me?
  • What happens after my pet has passed away? Can I stay in contact with his soul?



How do personal trainings per phone or Zoom work?


If your animal is ill or if it has important messages it wants to get through, I can see those pictures, feel the emotions of your pet as well as the energy it wants to transfer. Thus, I get a clear image of your animal’s purpose, of what it wants to tell you, warns you from or teaches you. We don’t need to be close to one another for the right energy to flow. Animal communication and energetic healing work best from distance. My years of practice have shown me that you will feel more at ease in your private environment, talking about deep feelings, showing emotions and shifting energy, together with your pet, than in an unfamiliar meeting room with a stranger, me, staring at you.



What methods are you building your work on?


My wish to boost a healthy relationship between humans and animals, built on mutual respect and trust, brought me to combine the best of different coaching, education and healing methods, such as: modern animal biology, punishment free animal training, animal psychology, intuitive animal communication, shamanic healing, traumarelease and energetic work. I work with my own holistic method and am a graduated behavioural biologist, animal communicator and psychic, animal trainer and therapist as well as shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.



How can animal communication be explained from a scientific perspective?


In 1993, the HeartMath Institute discovered that the heart of a living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. This field is up to 5,000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field generated by the brain. Our heart translates all our beliefs, our ideas and emotions into electromagnetic vibrations and radiates them into this form of energy.


Animal communication means to consciously connect with this information field of animal and thus capture its beliefs, ideas and feelings. The animal communicator passes this information unfiltered but also thoughtfully to the pet’s owners, in a language that is understandable for him. This process is based on the law of resonance.



How can energetic healing be explained from a scientific perspective?


Everything that is and all living beings have their own vibration. Every organ and cell group also have their own vibration. In addition, a diseased organ vibrates at a different rate than the same organ when it is healthy. This energy, just like the beliefs, ideas and feelings of the animal, is transformed into an electromagnetic field and emitted by the animal. The energetic field of one and the same individual therefore differs whether he is healthy or ill.


The conscious connection with the electromagnetic field of the animal enables an energetic healer to grasp this deviation from health. The next step consists of sending the animal the "healthy" frequency of the diseased organ, which can then find its original vibration again. The applied principle is again the law of resonance.



What do you mean by animal biology, psychology, education, communication and energetic work?


Animal biology: Understand and fulfil the biological needs of your animal
Animal psychology: Learn to see, analyse and interpreted your animal’s behaviour
Animal communication: Add intuition, empathy and telepathy to your communication skills
Animal education: Show your animal how to behave in our human world, without physical dominance, punishment or oppression
Animal energetic work and shamanism: Understand the energetic bond between you and your animal, the deep meaning of illnesses, behaviour disorders and, generally, your encounter, and activate self-healing powers.



Which specific technics do you use in your work?


Empathic and telepathic communication as well as communication on the soul level, mental training, awareness training, intuition enhancement, modern behavioural biology, psycho-energetic work, psychosomatic medicine, theory of resonance and other laws of quantum mechanics, alternative healing methods, shamanism and animal spirit guides.


Some examples of my healing toolbox: Bach flower therapy, colour therapy, ethereal oils, natural healing products, healing plants and herb mixtures, healing signs, healing hand methods based on Quantum Touch and Reiki, aura healing methods based on Tao Healing, Scenar-acupuncture therapy, kinesiology, massage technics based on TTouch, trance healing, aura reading and healing, traumarelease technics, animal spirit medicine and earth magic, …



Who did you learn from? Who inspires you?

Dr. Steven Farmer (shamanism), Asim Aliloski (Coaching), Juan Pablo Barahona (Quantum Flow), Anna Breytenbach and Danielle MacKinnon (intuitive animal communication), Tamar Geller (dogtraining), Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and Francois Pignon (horsetraining), Alberto Villoldo (energy healing), Richard Gordon (Quantum Touch), Douglas & Heer (traumarelease), ...



You are also an energetic healer. What is energy and energetic work?


Energy comes from the Greek word “energia” meaning “acting force". In every body, human and animal, energy flows. This energy keeps all cells, organs and muscles alive and allows the body to undergo movements. This energy brings the body to life, it can be called vital force. Energetic work deals with this life-giving energy, bringing it to flow harmoniously, solving energetic blocks, reactivating its force.



You interpret illnesses from a psychosomatic point of view. What does that mean?


Body, mind and soul are in unity. What we think about and how we feel, has a direct effect on our physical body. According to Dr. Merkle our thinking affects the mind as well as the cells and organs of our body.


The term “psychosomatic illness” means that a physical illness is caused by psychological blocks. The energy doesn’t flow freely in your body, mind and soul anymore, thus you get ill. An ill body is a sign that there is an energetic block in your system. This is especially true if the illness is chronic, very rare or unexplainable. It comes from ill making feelings and thoughts that haunt and weaken you.



What causes energetic blocs in an animal’s or human’s body?


In a healthy body, the energy flows freely through a complex network, the meridians. The meridians’ job is to bring the energy to each cell and organ of the body. If the energy doesn’t reach specific cells anymore, there is a block in the system. And this will cause discomfort.

Energetic block causes:

  • tenseness, pain or lame appearances in joints and muscles
  • chronic diseases like skin problems, allergies and illnesses of the respiratory tract
  • nervousness and behavioural problems like fear, aggression and apathy
  • all other forms of illnesses and behavioural disorders



What are the possible causes of energetic blocks?


Energetic stagnation can be caused by psychological and physical problems like: traumatic experiences, violence and oppression based education and training, negative experiences, injuries, accidents, pollutants as well as unhealthy food. They cause blockages in the energetic network formed by the meridians. At a biological level we can see an inadequate distribution of energy, blood, oxygen and nutriments in the body. Body and mind are the first to show complaints, which can develop into behavioural problems if they are not healed in time.



What does energetic work do?


With energetic work the blocks in the meridians can be released so that the life energy can flow freely through the meridians again. For thousands of years, highly developed cultures have been dealing with energy flow and have found different methods, bringing the energy of an ill living being to flow freely between body, mind and soul again, thus healing the living being. As an animal whisperer and energetic healer, I combine these ancient methods with modern coaching and training in order to heal all the parts that need to be healed.



Why do animals suffer from illnesses and animal disorders?


Animals help us understand ourselves by constantly sending us messages. Unfortunately, we don’t often listen to their messages, simply ignoring them or even oppressing them. But the animal won’t give up. A stronger method to influence us is by misbehaving or getting ill.


Animals have feelings like humans. If we don’t respect them, they suffer. Energetic blocks begin to appear all over, making our pets ill and out of control of their own emotions and thoughts, thus dangerous for themselves and their environment.


If we want our pets to stay healthy, we need to listen to them. Listen to how they feel, what they want, what they wish and what they want to teach us.



What do animals want from us?


Animals want to be treated with respect and high esteem. If you educate an animal, meaning you help him find his or her place in our human world, you do it with love and compassion instead of punishment and physical domination.


Pets wish for a special bond with their owner. They want to melt with them, sharing ideas, feelings, thoughts as well as good times like playing or cuddling together.

Animals want to live a healthy life, like us humans.



What did you learn about animals throughout years of observation? 

  • Animals don’t only have biological and educational needs, they also have psychological, communicative and spiritual needs. They are always exchanging information with humans.
  • Animals are intuitive and sensitive beings. Thus, we need to treat them with respect and educate them with our own intuition und love.
  • Each animal has its own personality that has to be respected while dealing with it, like in humans.
  • While communicating with us, animals react more to our emotions and mindset than to the words we say and body language we use. 70% of the communication between human and animal is based on feelings and mindset.
  • Illnesses and behavioural disorders are often caused by unfulfilled basic needs but are also messages for the caretaker of the animal.



What are animals’ basic needs? 


Animals have 5 basic and essential needs:

  • Biological needs: What does the body of an animal need to be healthy? How much sleep, what kind of exercise and what food keeps the body functioning perfectly?
  • Psychological needs: What kind of leadership does my pet need? How can I understand his behaviour? How would it live if it had a choice to choose?
  • Communicative needs: What does my pet want to tell me? How does he understand me? How can I use feelings and thoughts wisely while communicating with my pet?
  • Educational needs: What do I have to teach my animal in order for him to feel safe and protected? How do I teach him new things? What can he learn, what can’t he?
  • Spiritual needs: What is my horse’s, cat’s, dog’s purpose? Why do we live together? What does its soul want to experience and induce on planet earth?


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