Quantum Flow with Laurent Amann

Sitting in lotus and meditating in silence isn’t my thing. Mindful walking meditations bore me. The fun of singing mantras only lasts for a few minutes. And shamanic drumming makes me sleepy.

I do know how important it is to calm down and connect to my higher self, but those aren’t the best ways for me to experience this flow. For years, I have been trying to force myself into it. Instead of giving me the peace of mind I was looking for, it stressed me out even more. But I noticed one thing: when I move, dance to music and experience new things - those are the moments I feel connected to myself and to the world around me. Not by sitting in silence, but by dancing and moving in flow. This is exactly what I found in the Quantum Flow practice.


At first sight, Quantum Flow looks like a mix of yoga, TaiChi, QiGong and gentle workouts. We consciously move our bodies. We activate our muscles. We play around with the meridians. But the work goes so much deeper. In doing so, we awaken crystallized energies stored in our cells and organs. Old beliefs, repressed emotions, dreams we forgot about, imprints we took over from our surroundings, old wounds, mental, emotional or physical, all those stuck energies start to move again. With Quantum Flow, we channel those energies and transform them with our breath. Healing happens on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Once you have freed yourself from these blocking patterns, remember who you really are. What makes you unique? What fascinates you? And how can you share your fascination with others? How can you be of service with your uniqueness? Activate your core and bring this energy all the way from the first chakra to your pineal gland in order to manifest a life aligned to your purpose. Quantum flow creates room for your soul to express herself through you. Live the life you are meant to live. Express your true self.


In short: Quantum Flow changes your electromagnetic field and brings back the flow in your life – you live a life aligned with your core, your true self, your soul.


I feel blessed to be able to accompany you in this beautiful healing process!


See you soon,



Learn more about Quantum Flow here (Link to pdf)
What is Quantum Flow.pdf
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The healing power of Quantum Flow in an example:

Does the following sound familiar to you? You work hard on yourself, transform blocking beliefs, heal emotions, change your habits, … and yet the same pattern comes up over and over again?

A "soft" example of me: the craving for coffee. Coffee does me no good. I know it. I feel it every time I drink a cup. I know why I have this carving for coffee and i have healed the cause emotionally and mentally. I don’t even like the taste of coffee. And yet, the craving for coffee stayed with me for years. 

I tried Quantum Flow on this :) And after only one session, the carving for coffee was gone. Why now? Because Quantum Flow works on so many levels simultaneously. And the one I had missed out on till now was the physical level: the information “we need coffee” that was still stored in my cells and nervous system. I healed this.



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