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Laurent Amann gained sound experience as an animal caretaker for wild and domesticated animals, horse trainer and groomer. He studied biology, animal behavior and physiology in Luxembourg and France and began his career as a scientific researcher at the Konrad-Lorenz-Institute, University of Vienna.



The animal whisperer and shamanic healer assists and advises organizations and institutions on how to improve their animals‘ living conditions, their overall quality of life and the productivity of the services or products related to these animals. Furthermore, he helps them catch up with the growing interest of clients in social, environmental and ethical issues.


Laurent Amann is a behavioral biologist, animal trainer, animal communicator and psychic, energetic and shamanic practitioner and author, offering personal support and education programs related to these topics.





Further education and information for your staff

Laurent Amann helps you understand animals’ holistic needs and satisfy them in a natural way.
Create a new healthy environment for your animals and improve the way you breed, handle and nurse them.

Consulting for the management and team

Laurent Amann advises you, as a decision-maker, on how to offer your animals the best living conditions.
Get naturally rid of unwanted and/or dangerous behaviors, excessive stress and recurrent illnesses.

Seminars, lectures and guided tours

Invite the animal whisperer to fascinate your team or clients with captivating seminars, lectures or guided tours.
Get new wisdom about biology, intuitive communication, animal psychology, energy work and shamanism.
Find new ideals and solutions for the following issues:
  • Fulfill the needs of your animals in order to offer them the best possible living conditions
  • Understand the messages your animals send you, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Avoid behavioral disorders and diseases, as well as stress
  • Raise the quality of your animal products and services
  • Reduce dangers and risks while dealing with domesticated and wild animals
  • Integrate your animals fully into their new environment
  • Understand and respond to new ethical challenges
Laurent Amann’s work is based on the following methods: modern behavioral biology and ethology, respectful animal training, animal communication as well as awareness training, intuition enhancement, psycho-energetic work, psychosomatic medicine, alternative healing methods, shamanism, animal spirit guides, animal ethics and animal spirituality.
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